Sunday, November 7, 2010

I tried another Challenge to help my July Vacation Project!

What I decided was that since I have all these projects going on in my head... I'm going to divide up my directory with the project names (and it may get the word 'projects' put in front of it before long):


Now the DC vacation was part of the July Vacation, but I'm going to do those pages separately because I bought some papers and elements particularly for that part of the vacation.

I also decided to utilize some free templates by entering some challenges while I'm at it.  I did the November 365 Challenge at  Click the highlighted text to be taken to it.

It gets me involved to see what is out there and how others work their pages.  I learn visually, so seeing other works helps me with mine.  It also gives me templates to use and possible to get even more for free. 

Give it a shot.  You will be surprised at how much support and info you can get by doing a challenge.

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