Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am soooo Not organized

Expanding on the Bug's post of yesterday (okay so she mis-dated it, it was suppose to be yesterday), she was right about one thing. I was nearly ready to chunk Access 2007 right out the door and I may still do so. I want my old Access back. The one that was user friendly and the design view was just that. The new one may have it, but it is so well hidden, I can't find it.

So I have gone back to trying to figure out how to put all my purchases in a spreadsheet. This is what I came up with.

Not real comprehensive, but will work for now. I started with the name of the kit (or whatever. Some of what I have aren't kits, but just elements, actions, scripts, etc.); the name of the designer; the name of the store where it is currently being sold; a link to kit (or the designer's blog/website); and a category.

Now I can do a sort on the name of the kit when I am considering new purchases to make sure I don't buy one again (I have done this); sort on the designer; sort on the store (especially handy when doing the challenges as most now want you to use kits from their designers; on the links and on the categories. I figure I will be sorting most often on the stores and on the categories. Eventually I may add a column for primary colors.

And this is where a database would have been nice. To have a list of categories so that you could check off several (you know most kits can double for more than one category). Several colors, etc. You get the idea and maybe understand why I'm so frustrated. I just wish I could get Pan to write one for me. Maybe I could approach him with a great idea for Christmas or Valentine's Day. Or better yet, convince him if it was good enough, he could sell it. What do you think?

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  1. hellOoo thanx for visiting my place last night...tink you've won the kit of your choice in my ZZS's my email:

    hope to hear from you sOon!!

  2. Way to go Tink! You ought to post about winning stuff!


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