Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

Remember way back when I said I was going to have people over to teach them some basic digital scrapbooking?  Well only one person showed up of the three.  I taught her about layers and showed her the basics for putting items on a template.  Well yesterday another one of the three made it over.  I went through the same process with her.  I am hoping if we get together a third time it will be the magic moment and all will arrive.  Though as I see it, trying to make non-computer people understand layering takes time.  Even when I use pieces of papers to 'act' like the layers.  I had trouble the first couple of times as well getting the idea down.  It made sense but when I went to actually do it... yaa.  It was about the 3rd item I made that sank in the real idea behind it.  So nothing to really post about the classes.  We worked on what layers are and how to use a template with paper and elements.

Another thing I mentioned was getting organized.  Talked to Tink and she was trying to put everything in a database.  It pissed her off and she went for a spreadsheet.  Since I don't have access to database software, unless I want to install open office, ... spreadsheet works for me for now.   The first thing I did... was back up all my bought and downloaded stuff to an external harddrive for back up.  Seriously.  You spend all that time and effort getting this stuff.  Back it up!

Then I was thinking about how to set up my spreadsheet.  How to I lay it out?  My first thought was:

Designer, name of design, where I bought it, price, keywords

Only problem is... I don't know where I bought a lot of my stuff.  Sigh.  If I do know I will add it, and if I ever get the time, I'll research it and add it.  Any other ideas of what I should put in the spreadsheet?

Next... there are a lot of options available for people to create books at great prices.  From Walgreens to Shutterfly.  Go look and see what is right for you.  Your scrapbook pages are great gifts, particularly in book form!  Ok... on to the next project.

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