Monday, November 8, 2010

Follow the script

Remember that script bar? Now is the time to put it on the toolbar.

(I've undocked mine for this post, then it is going right back where it belongs). But for now let's look at what everything does.

1. Name of the selected script; 2. Arrow for selecting script; 3. Run selected script; 4. Edit selected script; 5. Interactive script playback toggle; 6. Run script (opens restricted folder); 7. Stop script; 8. Start script recording; 9. Pause script recording; 10. Cancel script recording; 11. Save script recording.

Scripts are a string of commands allowing you to perform repetative or tedious actions in a shorter amount of time.

Because PSP uses Python to develope the scripts, there is a chance that a script you download can be malicious. To that end PSP has 2 folders: Restricted and Trusted. When downloading scripts they should be put in the Restricted folder. But occasionally you will run into one that needs to be put in the Trusted folder to work. Unless you are sure of the script writer (Sheilsoft Computer Systems; Cassel Creations; Bannerwoman are a few I trust), I would not suggest putting the script in your Trusted folder.

Many scripts come pre-bundled with PSP and we are going to look at few now. The script name will be under the image. Interactive scripts will open dialogue boxes so that you can make changes if you wish.

Original Photo

Airbrush and Ink


Black and White

Black and White Pencil (interactive)

Black and White sketch (interactive)


Color sketch (interactive)

Colored chalk

Dot method

Painted carved wood (interactive)


Wet watercolor

There are quite a few script writers on the web and below I will provide links to a few of my favorites. Before that though, lets look at some examples:

ddjHighKey, a free script (interactive)

ddjWallGraffiti, a free script (interactive)

SsoftColourist, a free script (interactive)

SsoftLithograph, a free script (interactive)

SsoftLithograph, a free script (interactive). Here you can see how I used the same script to make one b&w and the other color.

Scripts can do more than just make adjustments to photos. You can get some that matte, frame and stack them, as seen below.

SsoftAutoMatte (interactive)

SsoftPhotoSet35mmNegative (interactive)

SsoftStacker (interactive). On this one I chose not to have the layers merge so I could move them around and add a drop shadow)

SsoftStripper, a free script (interactive)

SsoftTriptych, a free script (interactive)

As you watch them go through their paces will you be glad someone wrote the script for you. There are other scripts that will allow you to add copyright, make alphas, and more. Check them out and play with the ones you have. If you find that you are having a problem with one of the scripts, trying clicking on the interactive script playback toggle (#5). And have fun.

Now for the links:
J.A.C. Backer
Pixelnook (make sure to pick up his VectorStroke script, I'll try to remember to do a post using it soon)
Free Stuff
dejudicibus (get the HighPass and WallGraffiti scripts. He also has a list and descriptions of the scripts that come bundled with PSP)
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