Saturday, October 30, 2010

Take me out to the candy

Technically we have one more day until the little spooks and ghouls make their way down the streets, but if your county is like ours you will be having it tonight. So we are going to be making a mini-take out box from Mirkwood Designs. It's small, quick to put together and makes great Halloween party favors. I will be using Spookyville's Night from the designers at GoDigital. If you haven't done so yet take a look at yesterday's post to see how to set up the templates. The only thing I did different was to add the scoring lines before I saved the template as a psd/pspimage, which I didn't do yesterday. I added them at the end.

I'm going to start by putting guidelines along my horizontal and vertical scoring lines, then resize my chosen background to a little larger than 1/4 the size of the template. Move to the top center, right click on layer>duplicate.

Image>Rotate Free>180 degrees; all layers unchecked. Using move tool, move copy layer to center bottom of template.

Hide template and scoring folds layers. Make sure that one of the background layers is selected. Right click on it>Merge>Merge Visible. Unhide the template and folds layers.

With the folds layer as a guide use the lasso tool to marquee the sides (as shown below) and delete from keyboard.

Duplicate layer (right click>duplicate>. Rotate (Image>Free Rotate>90 degrees). Hide original background. Again using folds layer as guide and lasso tool, marquee around the top and bottom edges of background copy as shown, delete.

Hide template and folds layers. Unhide original background layer and make active. Right click on the layer>Merge>Merge Visible. Select the template layer and unhide (I have the background layer hidden for demonstration purposes, but you can do so yourself as well). Chose the magic wand, uncheck contiguous and click anywhere outside the template.

Make your background layer visible and active. Delete.

Go to Image>Change Grid, Guide & Snap Properties.

Click on Guides tab. Check Delete guides>ok.

Unhide and make folds layer active. Control+a, control+f, control+shift+f. Flood fill with a darker or lighter color than your background color. Control+d to deselect. Lower opacity until just barely visible.

Make background layer active and start adding elements, making sure you rotate them in the proper direction.

Layers>Merge>Merge All (flatten).

Print the cut out and then follow the directions on the Mirkwood Designs site (or whatever template site you used). (Unfortunately my printer is running out of ink so it did not print as shown on the screen).

Once you have your template made, you can resize it by going to Image>Resize. If you want to save it, make sure you use "save as".

I think you will agree that these make terrific party favors, not only for Halloween but for celebrating any holiday, birthday or other special occasion. And here are a couple of other boxes you might want to try out:

Tiny Cubes
Small Boxes, corrugated look gift boxes, daisy gift boxes

Template by Andrea Gold; Bewitched (c)Candy Treats, Crystals Creations,
Brenda Mascari. Tooty Pup Scraps & Designed by Stina; Font: Arial

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