Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mode of operation & Happy Halloween

Sometimes you find an alpha, frame or element you really like but it just doesn't work with the background you have chosen. In that case you may want to try out the blending modes.

Below are examples of some of the blending modes using the "Bewitched" alpha and dark paper that I used in my layout below. Only these are without a drop shadow.

Same thing only using a drop shadow with these settings: offset vertical: 5; offset horizontal: 5; opacity: 80; blur: 25; color: 0d0d0d.

Switching to "You don't scare me" by the designers at Godigital are examples using wordart on a light background.

And on a neutral to dark background with and without drop shadows.

Or how about a glitter frame.. I'm using one by New Life's Dreams over several pictures and with a drop shadow.

Take time to try them out with alphas, fonts, elements and even photos. I have found that I don't want the item I'm applying the blend to, to be pure white or pure black. Dodge works better on dark colors; while burn works better on lighter colors. Experiment and I would love to see how you use them.

Template by Gina Maria; Bewitched (c)Candy Treats, Crystals Creations,
Brenda Mascari. Tooty Pup Scraps & Designed by Stina; Font: Chiller

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