Monday, October 11, 2010

One lump or two? Oops, I meant page

The Bug sure asks a lot of questions. This time was about whether I scraped one page at a time. That's just silly, of course, I do. I'm sure that is not exactly what she meant.

The thing is, when I sit down to scrap, a lot will be determined by what I have already organized and how much time I have, or whether or not I am in the mood. This post is going to almost be a continuation of my "Thinking it through" post two days ago.

Sometimes when I sit down at the computer to scrap, I end up spending my time going through my photo folders picking out those photos I most want to use. I always keep index cards, notebooks or note pads at hand so I can write down the folder date/name and the image number. It also gives me a place to make notes about journaling, titles, fonts and template(s) & kit(s) to use. It's also a good place to write down other information that will be helpful when you start to scrap. If you saw my layout at the end of the "Bigger or Better" post, you saw that it included pictures of my granddaughter from several years when we had gone to aquarium. I had written down to look up those pictures on my page of notes, knowing I had similar pictures from the past.

Then when I have time to sit down and scrap, I pull out my notes to start the page(s). Having the notes makes it easy to complete several pages at one sitting. And once I have finished the page(s), I can just toss the notes. I usually scratch through what I have completed so it makes no sense to keep it afterwards as I always include the same information in the info tab of the psd I have saved. Have we gone over this? I'll have to check.

But there are times when, I find a kit or a template or a photo, that just screams to be used, such as the Sundance bundle I used in our post "A different point of view." I started searching for the perfect photo and template (luckily the Bug challenged me) to make the page right away. I still make notes. It's a good habit to get into. When doing a forum or blog challenge I will work on one page only. Soon I will be doing a post on challenges.

Til then keep notes and happy scrapping.

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