Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lay it down, part 3

Since we have already gone over layer palette, I will just provide a link to "Not quite your standard layer cake" here.

And focus on the tools option palette (1) and the tools toolbar (2) since they go hand in hand.

Below is the tools toolbar along with a description of each tool. Currently I have the text selected so we will use it to go over the tools option palette.

Each tool will have a similar palette with more or less options depending on the tool.

1. With the text tool (and just about every tool) you will have a preset flyout. Here you can save your favorite options so that you don't have to go back and redo them each time.
2. Fonts
3. Size
4. Units (it is probably best to leave it at points)
5. Font style
6. Alignment
7. Direction
8. Anti-alias
9. Stroke width. This becomes important when you use both the foreground and background colors. The foreground color will surround the back and the width of the foreground is put in here.
10. Create as. Floating, Selection or Vector.
11. Line style
12. Leading. Used to space lines closer or further apart.
13. Kerning. Used to space characters closer or further apart.
Not marked is tracking which sets equal space between characters.

If you have a particular tool you would like to know more about just let me know & if I know, I'll do a post on it or at least tell you where you can find more information. So till next time, have fun.

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