Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A different point of view

Sometimes I wonder what goes through my brain to engage my mouth. I asked my sister to find us a template. Why? So we could both use the same template and show how different it looks depending on who is using it. Forgetting how well my sister scraps compared to me. Sigh. She sent me a template from PencilLines and I gave it a shot. When I first saw it, I thought of a chalkboard. From there, I found a picture that I thought would fit it. Here is the template:

I went hunting for the boys first day of school picture for this year. I had not done anything with it and here was my chance. I then went to find papers and elements I liked. I put it together to get this:

papers, elements: Raspberry roads
template: PencilLines

While certain pieces are missing and some replaced with my own pieces of what I thought should be there. Notice, the positioning is about the same if you look at the original template. The idea of this post was to show you how two people view the same template differently... so Tink is going to put her's here as well with her thoughts. Trust me, we do not think alike in scrapping so you will be in for a treat. You'll also see why I ask her for advice. Don't get me wrong, I like my page... it's 'fun'. I am still hoping with all the work we are doing on this blog that I will one day be as good and as quick as Tink.

All yours now sis!

Thanks sis. But yours is adorable. We just have different thought process. Like you I made some changes. Appears both of us got rid of the scalloped edge. Though I kept the matte behind the picture and you used a frame. You used the smudge behind the picture and made it look like someone was wiping down a chalkboard (darling idea), I opted to get rid of it completely and use a swirl "rub-on" and larger swirls around. It is always going to be a matter of what you are scrapping. And there are people out there who can run circles around what I did. Like Bug said we got the template from Pencil Lines and can be found here. Get it and then show us what you come up with. And while there take a look at the ways others saw the template (and moosy around to see what other goodies they have). Leave us a link to your page so we can come by and take a look.

Template by Pencil Lines; "Sundance" bundle (c)Laitha & Valentina's Creations;
"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan; Fonts: Bleeding Cowboys, Pea Roni Script

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