Friday, September 24, 2010

And another one done...

Ok, it has been total insanity in my  household.  Sick kids, sick mom, cub scouts, karate, a new tv being delivered, and life in general.  Phew.  With that said, I still was able to get another couple of months done... what do you think?

                             paper and elements: Ann Ominous Designs                     

paper: Kit Made With Love by Jaelop Designs

                                        paper, elements: kubivet                                        

paper, elements: Lilybelle July4th
Now I usually don't add links to the information above because web sites come and go.  That said, I am going to add the below here so if they are still active (and they are as of this post), you can go check them out and find your own stuff!

Jaelop Designs
Ann Ominous Designs

More on downloading from Kubivet in another post....

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