Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Something Scary that wasn't suppose to be

I couldn't resist giving Cassel's Poster Art a try. I found a picture of my boys in scout uniform and thought "I can do this. Doesn't look that hard." Baw hahahahaha. I should have known better. Cassel makes everything look easy. Most of the time it works out just fine.

But the truth is... I'm just not that good of a scrapper. I love doing it. I am getting better with every passing year but it is way outside my box of comfort. Still, I take classes, watch youtube videos and keep on trucking. Hence, I had to try the poster art. My sister, who is a GREAT scrapper, got a good laugh out of it. But she remind me that I do better the next time I do something. Hence I have something to look forward to... a better Poster Art. Still, here is what I did at my first try:


And I must say it was fun giving it a shot.  It might go well for Halloween?  

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  1. I think the result was good. It is just the teeth and the eyes that give an odd look. Aside from that, the rest is great, in my opinion.


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