Sunday, March 31, 2013

Learning as I go...

I have been scrapping for a while now.  Yet I still have a lot to learn.  Like the best way to use the scripts I bought from Cassel.  Oh... they are fantastic.  Particularly since my sister has gotten me to rename my scrap pages a particular way... You ready for it?  I name the elements and papers with the designer's name underscore kit name underscore what it is... like... this is called lbanasiak_pack_bearscarf.png.  The designer LBanasiak, the kit Pack, the name of the element BearScarf.  (side note: in cub scouts the 3rd graders are called Bears... and their color is blue)

Now use Cassel's OpenAsLayer_Rename.  This opens the element in PaintShopPro using the name as the name of the layer!  Sweet.  Why?  Because when you are done, you use Cassel's CreditListCompile and it will take all the layer names (that are not default names) and put them in the Image Information Description.  Love IT!!!!  Now I have a quick way to find out what I used and by who when looking at my old layouts.  All I have to add is the template I used.  Makes giving credit on this blog a whole lot easier.  There are times when I use multiple kits in one layout.  This makes it much easier.

By the way, my sister does her naming different but the same concept.  She gives the element name, then the copyright symbol and then the kit and designer.  So the above element would be name BearScarf©Pack_LBanasiak.  Do what works best for you. 


  1. actually I would have named it: kitname_item. I name the folders with the copyright symbol. Then I add an extra blank layer at the bottom of my layout with the kit and designer name.

  2. The copyright symbol might be a problem if you want to use it with the Credit List Compile script as it is considered a special character and Python seems to have problems with those. Did you happen to test it?

    1. Sent you an email with the code change to make copyright work. My sister and I have been using it for a few weeks now with no issues.


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