Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's embellish that, shall we?

Bug's question: How do you merge a digital layout with a paper layout?

Good question. And this is where saving your layout is the psd or pspimage format really becomes a time saver, especially if you are going to be printing out the elements from your page.

And that is what we are going to do here. First you need to resize your page to the printing size. I do all my layouts in 12x12; but normally print out in 8x8. Once you have done that then print the layout.

Once you have that done, drag the element layers you want to use to the desktop.

To make printing to one sheet easier I drag them all to a new image.

Since my page is 8x8, I just printed the elements at the bottom of the page (please excuse the mess, my printer is severely in need of a cleaning).

Have you run done to your favorite scrapbook or craft store, Michael's or Joann's? You need to pick up some pop dots. They come in several different heights. has a suggestion on how to make your own homemade pop dots. If you decide to do this make sure the craft foam you purchase is archival safe. You don't want to get carried away with using them on a page. Think of that little extra umph...

Now all you have to do is cut it/them out. Since I had three flowers clustered together, I thought that would be the perfect elements to cut out and use. Use the different height dots to apply the elements if you are using more than one cut out. By leaving the flowers on the layout when I printed it gave me the placement and the order they needed to go in.

But let's say I have some real elements that I want to add to my layout. In this example I will be replacing some of the pebbles with starfish. (word of caution; make sure the element(s) you use are in perspective to the page).

First thing (again) is to resize my layout to my printing size (8x8). I am going to click on the top layer and add a new layer above it.

Selecting the new layer and using the paint brush I will place "dots" where I want my "starfish" to be placed. Doesn't matter what color you use, just make sure the brush size isn't too big.

Now selecting my rock layer I am going to: Layers>Merge>Merge Down so that my rock and rock shadow are on the same layer (if you don't have a shadow placed yet, skip this part). Still on the rock layer, with the freehand selection tool, I will marquee around the rocks which have the red dot over them. Noticed the marquee didn't show up well, so I have highlighted them with neon green.

Once I finished with the marquee I hit delete on the keyboard. The rocks are gone but the red dots are still there to show where to place the starfish.

All that's left to do is print out the page; trim it and glue on my starfish.

Until I get my printer cleaned, though, I think I will stick with having them printed elsewhere. :)

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