Thursday, January 27, 2011

Simply Super

So you're really getting into this hobby and see the benefits to continuing. And here is a really big benefit and all you have to do is follow the directions to enter into Simple Scrappers give-away:
Full 1 year subscription to Simple Pages / Simple Projects (a $96 value)! This will be the ONLY chance all year to win all 12 collections.
All I can do is cross my fingers that I am the chosen one. Wouldn't that just be great? But if you enter, you will also have the same chance as myself to be the proud recipient of a fantastic deal. Only takes a minute so get those fingers busy typing.

And you can use the excuse you can't find it since Simply Scrapper, give-away and the quote are all linked to the instructions.

Good Luck!!!!

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  1. Good afternoon.:) I can't believe it has taken me this long to get back to you.Sooo sorry.Life has a way of getting in the way.:)
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment for me.I did enjoy the warmer weather while we were in Florida. Thank you!! It was soo cold when we got back home.!!:)
    Again I am pressed for time..gotta get ready to go work on our son's heater at his place.They are using the oven and a small heater to keep warm.Can't have that now..can we?:) I would love to have an afternoon to just browse your blog.Maybe when I get caught up some..I will do just that!!:)
    Thanks again for stopping by!! Don't give up on me!!hehe


  2. Hello Beautiful!

    I am doing a wee bit of catching up before finishing up my goodies to post today. It is SO hard to believe that I've been away from my passion for an entire month, but as Valinda mentioned, life surely does have a way of getting in the way as one of my uncles so notably reminds me now and again!

    Once I get myself somewhat re-established, I wish to feature your blog as a Monday in the Marketplace find for those in starting out in scrapbooking and looking for some good tutorials covering all the things I wish I had found in my early beginnings six years ago!

    Love your layouts Tink. They are REALLY looking good girl!

    Happy Monday and may your week ahead be a productive one in whatever you put your hands to!

    Loves and hugs,
    Linda :D

  3. Uh, hum ... correction ... "I wish to feature your blog as a Monday in the Marketplace find for those 'just' starting out in 'digital' scrapbooking ..." - ROFL!

    *Note to self* - Next time proofread before hitting the post button!


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