Thursday, January 6, 2011

High Pass Filter

One of the people whose blog I like to read is Linda Sattgast (Scrapper's Guide). She has a treasure trove of tips for Photoshop and PS Elements. She also has a facebook that I follow.

This week she put out a post on using the High Pass Filter, complete with video and a downloadable pdf to keep on hand.

So why do I mention this here? On our Paintshop Pro blog? Because you can do the same thing in PSP. Only difference is the location of the High Pass Filter.

If you have that slightly blurry photo that you just can't part with, try her tutorial out. The High Pass Filter in PSP can be found under Effects>Edge Effects.

And while she mentions using a mask for those areas you don't want sharpened, she also includes that you can just erase those areas on the HPF layer which is what you will want to do in PSP.

Where to find it:



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