Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do it over?

As you progress in scrapbooking, be it digitally or with paper, you may find a time when you realize that some of your earlier projects just do not meet up with your expectations.

Here I was trying to use a definition word art to complete a challenge. I was given the word art and 2 sheets of "paper/background" to use. The page came out "okay", given my experience and knowledge 4 years ago. Though even today there are pages I know I should "do over", LOL.

Word art & Papers (c)Cinzia Loosemore

Now Gotta Pixel is having a monthly "Do Over" challenge and I think I will be using this to see if I can bring those pages I am not real thrilled with up to par. This is what I came up with for the page above. I used the 2 original papers as strips within the larger page. I also made the photos b/w while retaining just the color of the eyes. I am much happier with this page than the other.

Template by Roxy's Renderings; Black Beauty (c)Armina Designs;
Word art by Cinzia Loosemore

To close, here is scrapbook freebie search engine I thought you might be interested in: Creative Busy Hands.

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  1. Funny, on my phone, the black/white was great looking. Here, I see the black/white is 'busy' and distracts some from the faces and your color version really makes her shine and show her beauty. Great job sis... on both of them!


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