Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trip to Memory Lane

We've all seen them. Those photos which have the essence of the past in a sepia or monotone color and just a splash of an original color. This is how it is done.

Open document. New layer. On new layer, lower opacity and paint those areas you want to keep at the original color.

Control+a, control+f, control+shift+f. Got to selections>save selection>save selection to alpha channel. Control+d.

Click on save.

Delete the painted layer and duplicate the background layer again. Use the Virtual Photography plug-in. Effects>Plug-ins>optickVerve Labs. Choose a b/w filter like old newspaper (or any that is sepia or monotone).

Selections>load from alpha channel.

Make sure replace is checked and then load.

The area that you painted earlier will now have marching ants around it. Make sure the layer you applied the VP to is selected and hit delete on the keyboard.

While it looks fine like this and may be just want you want, you can try lower the opacity on the VP layer to let muted colors of the original layer show through.

Last but not least: Layers>Merge>Merge visible before dragging or copying to your layout.

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