Friday, December 10, 2010

Pop goes the


Crop your image to desired size and area. Promote to layer (layers>promote background layer). Using rectangle marquee, chose the area around the object you want popped out. Promote to layer. Select background layer again and delete.

Open new layer above the promoted selection, lower opacity and paint the area you want popping out.

Using magic want with tolerance set to about 15 and contiguous unchecked, click on painted layer anywhere but on the painted selection.

Delete painted layer. Then hit delete key on keyboard to erase the areas around the object to pop out.

Go to layers>Merge>Merge Visible.

Increase canvas size (Image>Canvas size) 100 pixels or 1" in each direction. Placement mode should be in the center.

Select background layer. Control+a, Control+f, Control+shift+f. Go to Selections>Modify>Expand. (The number of pixels to expand is going to be relative to the size of the photo.)

I didn't like the rounded corners so I am putting guidelines down where the marquee falls. You are going to want to zoom in and place your cursor over one of the marquee lines to see where it is on the ruler so you can move the guideline there. Once you get a guideline the marquee disappears until it is placed.

Once guidelines are in place, deselect the marquee. Chose the rectangle marquee and pull along the guidelines.

Open new layer and move below background layer. Flood fill with color.

On each layer, add drop shadow. Merge>Merge Visible. Drag to layout.

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Font(s): Burst My Bubble; jamaistevie

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