Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Script of a Batch

I'm not a script writer and will never claim to be. But PSP allows us non-script writers a change to give it a try and occasionally I have found that it is especially helpful to know a little about it; especially when I am using in it in combination with the batch process.

The example I'm going to use here is to add a layer to templates with the designer's name and website, then include "Template by" in the info description dialogue box. Just a handy little trick so I don't always have to open (or even locate the designer's TOU. Mind you, if I will be using the template for something other than my own personal use, I will be opening the terms of use to make sure I don't even inadvertently mis-use their designs).

First thing we need to do is go back over the command buttons on our script bar that we will be using. We will be the two of the last four on the right side of the bar: Start (red button-8) and save (disk button-11). If at anytime you make a mistake and want to start over just click on the red "x" (10) next to the save button.

I will be using Simply Yin templates for this post (Hi Yin). If the designer does not have their website in their their TOU, I would suggest you copy and paste it into the tou for future reference. Fortunately for me, Yin includes hers.

Open your template in PSP (if it is a psd file and you get a message about unsupported features just click okay). Select your text tool, making sure it is set to a legible font, such as arial, times, etc., at about 15 points.

Select the top layer and click on the red start button.

Click somewhere on the layout and type in the designer's name and website (if you have the web in a text file, just copy and paste).

Click "apply changes".

Right click on the text (vector) layer and convert to raster, if you have your text set as a vector.

Image>Image Information>Creator Information. In the description box put "Template by (and the designer's name)"

Click on Save Script Recording.

Give the script a unique name (I chose to use the designer's and a brief description).

Save the template you were working on and close. Then go to File>Batch Process.

For this particular batch, we need to browse for the folder of templates that we want to put this information on. Check: stop on error; use script; silent mode and overwrite.

Once you click on browse you will need to locate the folder, then right click (in the folder window)>sort by>type. If you don't have "type" as a choice, click on more and scroll down to near the near. Check on "type" and okay. You will have to right click in the folder window again and it should be there.

Now select the psd and/or pspimage template file, except the one you used to make the script if it is in this folder.

Chose your recorded script and start.

Now all you have to do is wait and watch. Depending on the file sizes and number of them, it may take some time, but a lot less than if you had to do this manually for each and every one.

The downside to doing it this way (and not much of one in my book) is the designer information layer may not always be at the top or if may be over a layer that is the same or similar color, as seen below.

The next time I use one of the templates, I will just move the designer info layer to the top and the over an area that is easier to see, saving it before using it.

And while we are on the subject, make sure you duplicate the template before using (window>duplicate or shift+d) so that you don't accidentally overwrite it.

And as for the "Template by 'designer'" in your info box: remember when we went over keeping the name of the designer's, kits, fonts, etc., there? When you go to add the information, the template designer is going to be there already. Just one less thing you have to do or remember.

Now go have some fun :)

Black Beauty (c)Armina Designs


  1. Did it, loved it! Learned something new. Very cool sister!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again to say hi.:) I know what you mean....I too have been busy busy.:)
    Thank you also for the sweet compliment you gave my DD . She can pretty much do anything she sets her hands to .:) Guess she doesn't take after me .LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!



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