Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A smidge here & a smudge there

A wee more on cut-outs.

The tools: paintbrush and the smudge selection from the tool below the paint brush.

Chose your photo and crop to the area you are wanting to use on your scrapbook page.

Right click on the layer in the layer palette and promote to layer.

Hold down the shift key and click on the new layer icon on the layers palette.

Make sure the new layer is selected and zoom in to at least 100%.

Using a bright color that does not appear in the photo and a fairly small brush (25 is what I settled on for mine); and a hardness of 50. Lower the opacity of the layer to about 60.

Start painting a silhouette of the cut-out. Don't worry about stray hairs just yet. You may, during the course of painting, need to reduce the size of your paintbrush from time to time. You don't want to paint over the wisps, but you do what the get the larger areas.

Hide the silhouette layer and open a new one. Using a very small brush (size 3-5 is good), paint over the wisps. You don't need to be precise, just a general direction and area.

Move the wisp layer below the background layer.

Select the silhouette layer and click on the selection tool. Now control+a; control+f; control+shift+f; then selections>modify>feather. Set feathering at 2.

Delete the silhouette layer and with background layer selected: selections>promote selection to layer.

Delete original background layer and make sure the promoted layer is now selected. Shift+d to deselect the marquee. Now grab your smudge brush and use these settings: Size-10; Hardness-5; Step-1; Density-100; Thickness-100; Rotation-0 and use all layers UNchecked.

Using the wisp layer below as a guide, place the brush at the edge of the hair, left click, hold and pull along the lines.

REMEMBER: the bottom layer is just a guide. You don't have to worry about getting your smudges exactly in place.

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  1. Interesting idea! Thank you for sharing your technique.

    I appreciated your comment on my blog. :)


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