Sunday, November 14, 2010

Color my world

The Bug has asked, yet another question, which I find difficult to answer. But one that should at least be addressed... background colors on pictures. She realizes, from trial and error, that blue is a good color for her fair skinned and haired boys, but want she wanted to know was about dark hair and spanish or oriental complexions.

In my experience, having two granddaughters with oriental skintones (one is half filipino, the other half Japanese), they look good on any color background. Bright green is probably the least favorable. With dark backgrounds their skin glows, with lighter backgrounds their hair makes an attractive frame around their face.

My grandson on the other hand, with dusty hair and a semi-fair skin tone, looks great on orange, deep green and blue; yet I have placed him on yellow and purple without compromising his looks.

My suggestion is that when you make a cut-out of a person so that you can put them on another background, save the cut-out then try out the background. If it doesn't work, use another until you find one that is suitable.

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