Friday, October 8, 2010

Lifting me higher

Today, I thought I would try out one of the challenges at GoDigital. This one is a scraplift challenge. And just what is a scraplift? Well it is where you find a layout you really like and try to use it as a lifting point for your own layout. Most of the forums offer a scraplift challenge of one sort or another every month. Later this month, I will probably be doing a few more.

If you head over the challenge using the link above, you can get all the details and a link to Carolyn's layout "Love". (or if you just want to see what her layout looked like, click on love).

In this particular challenge we were to alter it by flipping, mirroring, rotating or any combination there of. And as you can see, if you look through the gallery, every person has their own idea of what the lift looks like. Kind of like when the Bug and I used the same template.

Now is your chance to see what you can do. Just remember that if you "lift" someones layout and plan to post it in a gallery or online in a blog or website, that it just as important to credit the creator of the layout as it is to credit the designer of the kit(s) you are using.

Scraplift of Carolyn's layout "Love";
"Sundance" (c)Laitha; Font: Arial

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  1. Very awesome sis! Love the shadow effect of the words as well.


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