Thursday, October 28, 2010

From Alpha to Zeta

You've seen those cute alphas out there and now you've been introduced to the joys of fonts.

But did you know that you can use fonts to make your own alphas or titles? You sure can and it is pretty easy.

I would suggest you use wide fonts such as: Yard Sale by Harold's Fonts, Halloween Spider by Claude, Singer Mears by Corianton Hale or the one I used in my layout below for the year, Shortcut by Eduardo Recife Fonts.

Start by opening the font and minimizing it. Remember you don't need to nor do you want to install these fonts in your system font folder.

Pick out the background you want to use for your alpha or title (I'm using a background by Brenda Mascari in the "Bewitched" collaboration); then go to Layers>promote background layer.

Locate you font in the font pull-down and select.

If you have your font set to floating you will have to make a new layer.

It doesn't matter what color you chose for the font as we will be deleting this layer later. Type in the letter of the alphabet or the title. If you had vector selected as your font creation, you will need to right click on the vector layer and convert it to a raster.

On the font layer: control+a, control+f, control+shift+f.

Click on the background layer and go to Selections>Invert

Hit delete on the keyboard. Control+d. Select the font layer again and delete it.

Control+a, control+f, control+shift+f. Go to Image>Crop to Selection.

And now you have your own personalized "alpha" title.

And examples using the fonts I listed above:

This come in especially handy when you have an alpha that does not include numbers; such as my 2008 in the layout below.

Template by my2monkeys; Bewitched (c)Candy Treats,
Brenda Mascari & Designed by Stina; Font: Shortcut

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  1. You never told me about these fonts before! Geeze!


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