Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank you Ma'am

The Bug has mentioned about downloading "freebies" from several places. And that is a great starting point for determining what designers you really like and the type of things you are most likely to use.

Many designers offer free products on their blogs or in their stores so that you can get a feel for their designs. Many designers get together to offer a large "mega" kit for free download. You just have to go to each individual site to get the pieces. They will all use a set of colors that need to be incorporated into their mini-kits. So while you may just use all the items from one designer, you have to option of picking and choosing from several and they all will coordinate. Cool, huh?

When designers get together like this, it is called a train. You, being the train, and the designers are the stations you will stop at. One of the best is hosted by Trish H. Designs. She maintains the Blog Train Blog and every other month or so, a hundred or more designers get together for a stupendous "mega" kit.

Now as you are going through and grabbing everything you can, let's remember to use some manners. When you are downloading from a blog or website that has an option for comments, leave, at least, a thank you. I, personally, try to make it at least a sentence. If I cannot think of anything distinctive to say about the kit (and let's face it after downloading a hundred or so, it starts getting hard to think), I at least add a comment about their site or about something I read on their blog. Yes, I do read what they have to say. They are giving me something for free, the least I can do is read one or two of their posts. And you may find they are part of another blog train or have tips and techniques or they are just down right interesting.

I have given you the link for the Blog Train Blog, but there are other designers also doing trains and a quick search using "scrapbook blog trains" will reveal a treasure trove of goodies. But not all designers keep their kits up permanently. Most have a deadline in which you have to download the freebie. But don't be disappointed, there will always be more. Now head out of your station and onto the next. Choo Choo.

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