Sunday, July 7, 2013

Honeymooning in Gulf Shores

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   The Bug is scrapping her Scout pages while in the meantime I have been trying to work on a coffee table book of the trips Pan and I have taken over the years. Most of the time it will just be me as he was (is) in conferences while I am actually "vacationing".
   I will be showing the two page spreads and in a lot of them you will notice a definite line in the center. Just remember a small portion of the center will be in the gutter of the book (if you have it printed by a company such as Shutterfly or Mixbook). If you will be printing them yourself, it still own matter too much as I am sure you will be placed the pages in acid free sleeves in a clip bound book so they won't really be side by side.
  TIP: Looking back over photos, I realized that I missed pictures here and there. But that is where the Internet can be your friend. We honeymooned in Gulf Shores, Alabama, so doing a search on it I found some pictures of the town that would help us remember the special time we had. My heartfelt thanks goes out to those who placed these pictures.

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