Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Still Alive!

It's been a while since my sister or I have posted here.  Mainly because we got caught up in other activities in our lives.  Recently I have been trying to get back into the swing and start scrapping again.  I must say I have been having fun.  AND... the training I have taken at Creation Cassel 's Scrapbook Campus has really helped me.  It's the little items that make a difference.  In one of the classes she showed how to increase the size of photo's edges so you can work with them.  Yep... saved me a lot of time and kept it all even.  

I am working on my wedding album... Ok, so we got married 12 years ago and there is a long story behind why I'm starting now... but I would rather show you the work I have been doing... thanks to my training and my willingness to branch out to try new things... take a look at my picture frames... I used SuperBladePro on them!

Template: mc_110711_template
Laitha's Paper and Elements from The Unforgettable
font: candy round btn and Galeforce BTN
superbladepro: polished silver
font color: 6e614b


  1. Good morning.:)I LOVE your layout. How PRETTY! I too haven't been posting as much.Although I have tried to do better the last month or so.:)


  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm trying to get better... but weeks go by before I realize it. Two young boys keep me hopping!


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