Saturday, March 19, 2011

What the Flick

Is a challenge at Gotta Pixel. You are given a movie poster and challenged to make a layout using it as your inspiration.

A recent poster gave me the idea to do a page explaining the Japanese 7-5-3 Festival celebrated for children in Japan. This was important to me as one of my granddaughters is half Japanese.

So as you are doing the challenges, challenge yourself to include information that will more fully explain the pictures.

The Voyager - Japan (c)Kristmess
Font: Simsun

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  1. GORGEOUS layout Tink and I could not agree with you more about giving some background information on what is happening in a layout. I just shared this with someone as she really did not know what to put beyond name, date and event.

    I always try to remind those scrapping that our albums should tell a story. When we, or our children, are no longer around to share those stories, it will be welcomed information by our future generations. Even something as simple as the theme for a birthday party that might not be easily recognized 20-30+ years from now!

    As always, love your layouts and your tips!

    Have a LOVELY week sweet lady ... XO


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