Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tag Your It

We have talked about organizing our photos, but we can also tag them. And why might you want to tag a photo? So that if you are looking for a particular photo you can find it more easily.

There are several ways to accomplish this. Today we will go over how you can do it within PSP X3. The first thing you will have do is click on the organizer tab in the top right corner.

Click on "Browse More Folders" then the arrow next to "computer" to find the drive and folder where your photos are located.

Once you click on your folder, it will put a quick link on the left and show the pictures within the folder at the bottom.

Click on a picture at the bottom to open it in the workspace. On the right side choose a rating (1 star for a poor picture, 5 for an excellent picture). Type in a one or two word tag (i.e. Pan, etc) and enter. Once you have finished entering the tags, you can put in a caption then click the green apply button at the bottom.

Suggested tags: the name of the persons in the photo, special occasions (i.e. Christmas, Spring Break, etc.). You will surely come up with more that fit your needs.

Now when I go to the organizer and am looking for a picture of Pan, I can click on the "Pan" tag and all the pictures of him in the folders where I have used tags will show up at the bottom.

If you have several pictures that would have the same tag, just click on the first one, then hold down the control key and chose the rest. I would wait to add the rating and the caption though unless each is exactly the same. And sometimes a caption isn't even needed.

Pretty cool huh? If you are like me and have thousands of pictures to tag, this may take some time. I suggest whenever you have a free moment that you take a moment to tag a folder or two.

For those who use Photoshop or Elements, I suggest you sign up for the Scrapgirls newsletters and check out their past newsletters.

Beaches N Cream ©Kristmess; Sea Spray ©Spinkydink Designs; A New Day Ahead alpha ©Victoria Feemster;
Scraplift of “Buenos Aires to Trancoso” by Mrs. Peel; Fonts: Century Gothic; DJ Fancy

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