Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't be afraid

to use a lot of a bright color. Especially if it brings out a spot of color in a photo (Brindel's orange shirt). It also compliments Nuke's brown shirt, while the matting is nearly the same color as Milady's shirt. And because of the dark walls behind my subjects the pictures really stand out against the brilliant orange paper.

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  1. Good evening:)
    I wanted to stop in and thank you soo much for leaving such a sweet comment for me.:) I was thinking about making the paper flowers into elements too..but my eyes aren't what they use to be.KWIM?:)All those little pixels would be floating all over the place.LOL I will have to think about it for a little while first.:)I might do individual photos and let scrappers extract the flowers themselves.Think that would work?:)
    Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend.:)



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