Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who are the Rebels?

Little off subject here, but what the hey.... :)

Bug's Question: Favorite camera settings and why

I use the Canon Rebel XTi which I got for my birthday in August of 2007. And it still does all those things I want it to do (except the flash seems to be disinclined to pop up for me. No matter, I don't use it, often).

I almost always leave it set at the Tv mode (time value), adjusting the Exposure and ISO as needed. See the following examples:

Exposure time: 1/640 sec., ISO: 1600

Exposure time: 1/10 sec., ISO: 400

The water was running at the same speed for both photos, but setting the exposure time longer and at a higher ISO allows you to see the individual bubbles as the spill out of the bowl. FYI: the higher the ISO the more light is let in.

The time value mode is the preferred setting for action shots.

Next month our other sister and I will be attending a class to learn out to make better use out of our cameras. Can't wait to see how that will change the way I take photos.

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