Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do it over in February

Gotta Pixel has a Do Over challenge every month. I think I will start posting my before and after here after each make over so you can see how your styles will change over the course of the years.

My original is okay. Not outstanding. I managed to put in some journaling which is a good thing but there is nothing that really draws your eyes to the pictures and the journaling.

In the make-over adding a title gave some indication of what the journaling may be about, adding needed interest. By making the smaller photo a little larger and the larger photo a little smaller then grouping the photos together with a cluster of elements draw your eyes right to them. Using a background that echoes the color of the trike, round green mattes mirror the colors in the grass and paper strips which match my nephew's t-shirt add continuity to the layout. The whole layout is brighter and more visually appealing.

Gotta Be Quick (c)Christine Wall; Font: Elegance

Dirt Don't Hurt (c)A+ Designs & LauraMarie Scraps;
Template by Lyndsay Riches; Fonts: Bleeding Cowboys; Century Gothic

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