Thursday, January 13, 2011

With a Script here and a Script there

Scripts are still somewhat foreign to me.  Odd because I was a computer programmer in 7 computer languages in my 'previous' life (before children and becoming a housewife).  Yet, I haven't had time to sit and really work with them except once.  I need to do it a couple of more times to make it sink into this brain.  Until then, I keep reading and looking at sites with scripts wondering if they would work for me.  One site I really enjoy is

Yesterday she continued her posts on scripts.  If you want to delve into something more with scrapbooking... check out Creation Cassel.  She writes well for my kind of reading.  May or may not work for you.  Still... it is an option if you are ready to expand your knowledge.

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  1. Thank you soooo much for stopping by and wishing us wonderful bday wishes.:) Today is Jim's sisters bday.Can you believe..three family members in one week?LOL My BIL's is the fifteenth.Mine towards the end of the month and my Nieces two days after mine.Feb..looks to be a restful month...crossing fingers.LOL
    I promise I will be back to look further into your posts..but am in a rush right now.Gotta take a trip tomorrow and I am not packed and ready for it yet.:( looking better all the time.hehe

    Huge hugs,


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