Monday, December 6, 2010

Depth of ...

I know you did some on it, but I was trying to figure out when was the best time to utilize it. Like I saw a couple walking by in the background of norstroms and I'm not going to try and cut them out and recreate the background. It wasn't worth it. I ended up using a depth of field option on it, but when is it best to use it, how do you use it most efficiently?
To be honest when the Bug asked me to write on this I was stumped. To begin with I don't normally use depth of field within PSP, but set it up on my camera (and no, don't ask, I'm not a camera expert and you will probably learn more by reading the manual.)

As I sat here pondering though, I did think of some times when I may want to change the depth of field (such as to hide a sink full of dishes, a floor in need of vacuuming) as opposed to cutting out the subject and putting it on a new background. There may even be times when the background is somewhat crucial to the picture but you want the subject to stand out more distinctly.

While Bug may use the depth of field within PSP, I can't say that I ever have. If I am going to do it, it will start out just as if I am cutting out the subject to more to another background. I add a new layer and paint over the subject.

Control+a, Control+f, Control+shift+f. Control+shift+i.

Hide the painted layer and select the background layer.

Go to Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Click on preview. Set radius to a number that works for your depth of field.

And now your subject really stands out more.

For added depth though you can invert the marquee again so that the subject is surrounded and add a drop shadow. move the shadow layer above the background layer. Delete painted layer and merge.

Now it's time to try it yourself or wait for tomorrow when the Bug explains the depth of field tool in PSP.

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