Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Expanding the Conversion

This is probably best used when making a calendar but you may find other uses for it as well.

I'll be using the a calendar template by Simply Sarah as referenced by the Bug yesterday.

THe first thing you will need to do is complete each section (top and bottom), then Layers>Merge>Merge Visible.

Choose one of the layouts (I chose the top part of the calendar). Image>Image Size.

The new width should be the same as the original; the new height will be the same as the original plus the height of the bottom (or top if you decided to do this with the bottom). Placement will be the top center arrow if you are working on the top part of the calendar; the bottom center arrow if you are working on the bottom.

Your image should now look like this:

To help with the placement of the bottom section, I have placed guidelnes; centered vertically and horizontally.

To find the dimensions of your layout go to Image>Image Information.

Click on the Image Information tab and check the width and height in the Image box.

With second layout selected: Edit>Copy.

Now select the first layout again and Edit>Paste as a New Layer.

It should now look similar to this:

Using your move tool and the guidelines move the second layer into place. Then Layers>Merge>Merge Visible.

And now for a tour around our room at the Bellagio a couple of months ago. (can you tell which is my favorite room?)

Template by Jennifer Wilson; Color Revolution 'Boldly Brown' (c)Connie Prince;
Fonts: Chopin Script; OptimusPrinceps

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  1. WOW! Just found your "other" blog Tink and I'm off to link you on my blog! What GREAT tutorials for those just starting out in digital scrapbooking or for those wishing to hone their skills!

    Have a FABULOUS week sweetie and thanking you for your love and support over the years. You are one incredible lady and I've had a great time watching your precious family grow ... and you too! :)

    BIG hugs,
    Linda :D


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