Monday, October 25, 2010

Erasing the way

The page at the bottom is what resulted from the Simply Sketchy challenge at Gotta Pixel and hosted by litabells designs. She provides the template and it is up to you to make a page out of it. I really like this one as much because of the pictures as the layout. Who knows when these three (who have been a part for quite awhile, one moved over a year and half ago, the Princess moved last year but was here for the summer and the other will be moving in a few months) will ever get together again.

But I know, you want more (okay, the Bug wants more). So we are going to work on layering an element both above and below your photo. Let's get started.

Place a drop shadow on the element. Resize your photo, if necessary, and drag/drop or copy/paste as a layer over the element. You may also want to lower the photo layer opacity to see where to position it for the best results.

Raise the opacity if you lowered it, then select all (control&a); float (control&f); defloat (control&shift&f).

Click back on the element layer then: Selections>Promote selection to layer (control&shift&p). Select none (control&d)

Toggle the visibility on the main element layer (should be very bottom), then move the promoted selection layer above the photo.

Using the freehand selection tool, marquee around those areas you don't want on your picture and hit delete on the keyboard. Select none (control&d). Or you can use the eraser if you are more comfortable with it.

Toggle the visibility on the lower element layer. Add a drop shadow to the photo layer and Layers>merge>merge visible. Now it is ready to be placed on your layout.

Happy Scrapping and don't forget to try out a challenge or two.

Template by litabells designs; A Boo-tiful Night (c)Trixie
& JennCk Designs; Fonts: Century Gothic, FFF Tusj Bold

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