Friday, October 22, 2010

Eerie-sistable fonts

One of my favorite challenges is a Font Challenge. Here I get to pick up unique fonts and use them in layouts in ways I would not have thought of before. And most forums have one of some type.

Another challenge you will face when you start downloading fonts is what to do with them. First things first is to open the zip file. You don't even have to extract the font from the zip. Just double click>yes or right click>open>yes.

After the font opens, just minimize. You don't need to place the font in your font folder in order to be able to use it. If fact, unless it is one that you will be using frequently, it is best not to place it in your font folder.

Next select your text tool, then scroll down to or type in the name of the font in the font box. This works with PSP, PS and word. So don't clutter up your font folder with unnecessary fonts and cause problems for your computer.

Now head on over to a forum and pick up some fonts.

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