Thursday, September 2, 2010

Templates - the start of the journey

Ready to get started?  If you are like me and not necessarily the most creative... you too will want to go find some templates.  Free ones preferred.  Why?  Because so many are very much alike.  With so many people making so many templates, they are bound to be similar... you can only fit so many pictures in a page.  There are only so many places to put journaling.  Sometimes, I will buy the huge kits that are on sale just because it is easier than hunting stuff down.  Free stuff is free but not necessarily easy to find.  There are some sites I have a tendency to go to over and over to get stuff. 

I joined some scrapbooking forums to get them... like:

Go Digital Scrapbooking

or one that just has a list of freebies to check out is

Hand Picked Freebies

From there you can grow...  or you can search.  I like Andrea Gold's templates, digitreats, hummie's, j2mt, racketty scrappety, and lisaminor.  Something to keep in mind is that they only have them free for limited time and then you must buy it after that.  Not a problem for me... if I really want it, I'll buy it... particularly when I haven't looked at the site in 6 or 7 months.  Right now, I'm on top of it and grabbing anything I can.  Got to fill up my harddrive!

Hope this helps you get started and ask questions if you have any!  Post a favorite template website if you have one.

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