Sunday, September 5, 2010

Now where is that makeup case?

Last time we learned how to straighten those photos but what about blemishes?

First we will work with the those pesky blemishes that always seem to appear when you least want them. And then move one to brightening those teeth and whites of the eyes while we are at it.

You are going to select the makeup tool (8th from top on left side tool bar).

Zoom in to where those blemishes appear then chose the first icon on your presets bar. This is the blemish fixer and works just like the clone brush but in a smaller and more fixed area.

You will need to adjust the brush size so that the blemish fits just inside the smaller circle. The larger circle is used to determine what color should be replaced. You may also want to adjust the strength as well. Lower numbers on the strength make the edges softer while higher number make them harder. As you can see on this photo, the blemishes are now gone.

To use the toothbrush, you need to use the magic wand or the freehand marquee to select the teeth before applying. The same needs to be done when brightening the whites of the eyes.

A little more levels and sharpening correction then a crop and we have a whole new photo.


As you can tell my granddaugher really does not need any more sun, so I'll move on to a photo of her brother for that one. Click on the little sun then you will need to choose your size and strength. I chose a high size and strength for demonstration. You will want to choose a lower brush size so you don't get outside of the body parts you are tanning. And you can see the difference in the upper part of his face and the lower.

Word of Note: When you are using the suntan, try not to go over areas you have already done. This will increase the "tan" just as if you had chosen a higher strength.

I'm going to be honest with you here, I have never used the thinnify brush that's just me. But here is an idea of what it does, again I exaggerated the strength and showed where I pulled in at.

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