Sunday, September 26, 2010

Around the World

Not sure if you remember my last post and a link to Kubivet... but I wanted to talk about scrapping sites you might find in other countries.  First, there is a great way to try to translate those sites using  It will let you translate the whole website if you wish.  Still, you may have to play around to figure out the download process.  Usually slow is better and patience if you see a countdown. 

Next, be aware of the USA copyright laws.  Just because someone in another country does not know our laws or doesn't understand them doesn't mean you should break them as well.  Something that looks like it is directly from Disney and doesn't have any information saying it was gotten with permission, is likely something you don't want to download.  Tempting?  Yaa.  Illegal?  Definitely.  Just stay away.  There are way to many sites that have stuff in the right colors or something that makes it easy for you to use that is legal. 

With all that, here is my latest calendar month:

paper: jkc manilie

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