Thursday, August 12, 2010

What do to do with all those digital pictures

If you are like me, you have discovered how easy it is to take pictures with a digital camera.  I have 42gigs of pictures on my pc.  No joke.  A lot of them could certainly be deleted because they are pretty awful.  I take a lot of pictures in the hopes to get a couple of good pictures.  And I do have some good pictures... now what! 

Ahhh... now is the time to learn digital scrapbooking.  Take those pictures and put them in scrapbook pages with dates and comments to help you remember in 20 years what it was all about.  Think back to pictures when you were young... do you remember when they were taken?  Do you remember why?  Yaa, half the time I end up hunting down a family member or someone in the picture to find out what is going on and who everyone is in it. If you scrapbook it, you can put that information down on the page. 

Here is an example of some 'not so good' pictures that turn out great in a scrapbook page.  There is another page that goes with this one that list where, when and why... I'm just too lazy to go ask all the people in it if I can post it on my blog.  These aren't the best pictures but they get the point across.  Also, they take the imperfect pictures I took and make it into something memorable. Just take a deep breath and give it a try.

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