Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Pages and Brag Books

When I first started at digital scrapbooking I discovered quick pages and brag books.  They are pretty cool.  First day of school and you have a couple of pictures... then do a search on "scrapping school" or "brag book school days" and you will find a ton of stuff.  One that I bought and used a few years ago was a set was created by Juliana Gordon using the School Days kit and School Essentials Backpack.  I just took pictures and plugged them in along with some text!  I blurred his teacher's face because I did not ask her permission to post it here... Yet I still wanted you to see what I was able to do in mere minutes!

 Brag book by Juliana Gordon

 Until you get your feet on the ground are ready to take the plunge for the cost of software, this is a super option to getting those pictures out and used!

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