Monday, August 23, 2010

One Step at A Time

I'm trying to do a layout for my boys.  They recently received their blue belts in Martial Arts and for them, that is half way to Junior black belts.  Big milestone.  It happened at a big event at a Nordstroms.  Lots of demonstrations by all the kids (big and small).  I thought it would be nice to include that as part of the layouts and possibly make a book out of it.   I figured I would put the steps down here on what I do and if anyone has any suggestions to make it better or easier, let me know.

Look through the pictures and pick out the ones I like. 
Group them and label the grouping.
Pick a color theme or find a kit that fits what I'm doing.
Starting with page 1, find a template that fits the number of pictures I'm including and I like.
Put it together.
Repeat for page 2, and so on.

Now, when I started this I did three pages and stopped.

Here are the first two original pages with some peoples faces blurred/taken out:

 Paper: vwbug, template: vwbug, 
font: Ming, elements: from Villari's web site

Template: vwbug; Font: ming; 
Paper: vwbug; Quotes: Villari's website; 

  I liked the colors.  1 is red; 2 and 3 would be blue and so on.  But when I went back to make sure I had it in order, I realized I had left something out between my current page 1 and page 2.  Sigh.  I also thought I would like to have less pictures on a page.  More than 3 or 4 can be overwhelming.  I have a tendency to put too many on a page. 

While I was at it I had used an old camera film template for some pictures on page 2 that when I used a template on the new page 2 that had multiple slots for pictures I liked it better. 

 template: lisaminor_ht5rectangle
font: ming

Yaa, so now the old page 2 will be redone and is all the way out to page 7.  This page 2 might get some embellishments before it's done completely.  Maybe not.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll keep posting about it as I figure it all out.

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  1. Good morning:)
    I wanted to stop in to thank you sooo much for your sweet comments on my blog.Jim's Dad is doing much better and we are in a semi-relaxed mode now.:)His EKG came back okay and now if they can get his sugar to regulate..things will go a lot better for him.:)
    I love your layouts!!Love the way you are showing the progress of your pages too.:)How COOL!!:)
    Have a fantastic day!!


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