Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Element Blues

Still working on the Karate pages.  I had some specific items in mind.  Getting them to actually look nice was a hard feat.  Luckily Tink has helped me yet again.  There are a couple of different 'plug-in' programs you can get to help you with your work in PSP.  One is SuperBladePro and another is called Eye Candy 4000.  I bought the SuperBladePro plug-in and still don't have it down pat.  Just because there are a lot of free environments and textures, doesn't mean they do what I want!  I wanted a Yin Yang with some texture.  Here is what I created on my own:

Not bad, but not what I really wanted.  So I went looking for more textures and elements.  I found a ton of stuff in every color BUT black.  Which is when I created this one:

I like it but I really wanted the black to have some dimension to it as well.  Time to call Tink.  Yep, she had what I needed.  Here is what I created with the stuff she sent me:

I love it.  I might see if we can smooth it out more like the white but I'm not to worried about it.  First, it won't be this big on my page and it looks much better smaller.  Second, I don't want to give up the lighting effect which might happen if we smooth it out any.

More as I work through the details of my karate pages!

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